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Katina Calvin

Katina Calvin (Mat Pilates)

With a foundation in Ballet from grade school through middle school, ultimately Volleyball and Track & Field became her focus during High School. Having a love for movement, combining dance and sports was the natural progression when it came time to find a career…Fitness Instructor. She began in Hollywood during 1990 when Step Aerobics became the popular exercise in most clubs. About two years later, her next pursuit included a long time hobby of outdoor cycling brought indoors, Spinning.

Pilates and Sports Conditioning exercises have always been infused in her fitness classes and when training clients which attributed to their success. Most come to her classes for her energy and music, they stay for her passion.

Katina believes, “Encouraging people to understand their own bodies within their environment is the only way to begin to heal…move with a purpose. You want to be independent as long as possible and not be on crutches or in a wheel chair sooner than needed – That focus begins Today!” Katina adds,  “You’ve been unconsciously practicing poor habits, now is the time to consciously be Present.”