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Tatiana Nesello - Yoga

Tatiana Nesello – Yoga

Tatiana Marie Thomas Nesello


An American by birth, Tatiana was raised in Florianopolis, a southern City in the state of Santa Catarina Brazil. There she attended dance lessons and competitions from an early age, creating and cultivating a love of body movements.

After moving to the United States in 2016 Tatiana became more and more awakened to the benefits of yoga and its practice. She obtained her teaching credential in”Power Yoga” at Power Yoga Palm Springs yoga center located in Palm Springs, California with master Janet Parks, where she practiced and taught yoga to the lovers of this sport.

She believes that self-awareness is the key to happiness and that yoga is one of the best ways to accept what we really are without judgment or comparisons.

Tatiana continues to study with masters and enjoys enhancing the lives of others through her yoga classes.