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Nicole Motter - Spinning®

Nicole Motter – Spinning®

Nicole Motter

Nicole is from Atlanta and started Spinning® as part of a fitness regimen, but ultimately found something so much more powerful. In 2007 Nicole decided to take her passion and became a super successful teacher known for her packed out classes at some of the world’s most well-known corporate gyms like Coca-Cola, CNN, and Bank of America. Now, more than a decade later, she’s a bigger advocate than ever of the authenticity of the Spinning brand and philosophy. Her style is focused on strength and empowerment, finding that sweet spot where rhythm meets resistance (same in life as on the bike, she says). Nicole has also worked in youth program development in some of the most disadvantaged neighborhoods in the country, and later as a lawyer and consultant with social enterprise startups and innovative foundation finance. Other loves include the sun, good company, and anywhere outdoors with a good view. Current favorite life quote: Have the audacity to believe in the not yet seen.