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First Class Special Rate $15

Madeleine Barmark - Yoga

Madeleine Barmark – Yoga

Madeleine Barmark

Madeleine was introduced to yoga through Bryan Kests’ Power Yoga DVD in 2002 where she fell in love with the practice and the mix of flexibility, strength and focus that the asanas required. She did her first teacher training in Power Yoga at Safe Sweden in Stockholm in 2004.

Since then, Madeleine has studied with experts all around the world and she teaches Vinyasa classes that are inspired by Ashtanga, Power yoga and Smartflow, mixing fiery Sun salutations, with balancing poses, and moving meditation.

Classes are built on gradual sequencing guided with alignment cues and hands on adjustments.Madeleine believes that that “yoga is about creating balance and peace, looking at your actions and choices from a place of acceptance, love and kindness.”

The ride will be fun, else you wouldn’t come back.