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Lisa Brisse - Spinning®

Lisa Brisse – Spinning®

Lisa Brisse

Lisa believes in helping people to find the power and natural inspiration that lies within them. As an exercise physiologist, body-mind-heart coach, motivational speaker, triathlete, & founder of State of the Heart Fitness, Lisa challenges each rider to explore and expand their physical and mental potential while learning to master their inward journey. Her sports medicine background, 25 years of transformative coaching, along with her love of music and natural playfulness makes for a fun, inspiring and one-of-a-kind experience!

In addition to her career in health & fitness, Lisa is also a writer and is the author of a book called, Michael Jackson: The Man in Our Mirror—a magical and spiritual journey over 3 decades with the King of Pop and is currently finishing her second book, The Ride of Our Life—a heart-opening memoir of life lessons and wisdom learned from her greatest teacher and horse of 36 years, Lisa Brisse – .