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First Class Special Rate $15



Christian Corcoran

Christian Corcoran is a powerful and inspirational yoga therapist who holds space for his students and clients to evolve on their own journey with genuine universal love and integrity.

Christian’s classes focus on developing core strength and expanding ones energy through unique combinations of pranayama and asana. Techniques of Naam Yoga include breath and sound sequences for awaking the parasympathetic nervous system, working on the glandular system and purifying the blood. Through activating these systems and awakening the body’s innate ability to heal itself, Christian helps his students claim empowered health and well-being for themselves.

Beyond class, booking private sessions with Christian is a gift to your body and soul’s well-being. Whether you book a Massage, Harmonyum Energy Treatment or Muscle Activation Technique, he will work with your body/mind/spirit to uplift and empower you, helping you make lasting positive changes in your life.