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Angel Baker – Yoga

Angel Ananda Baker

Angel Ananda Baker is a native of Los Angeles. She is a life-long student of yoga by way of a thirteen-year detour as an attorney. The imprint was formed at a very young age when her parents met as yoga instructors at the Yoga Center in San Francisco in the seventies. A child of the yoga boom in California, she was doing lotus pose in quiet meditations before kindergarten and reciting quotes about the limitless nature of the cosmos to entertain herself while she drew pictures of horses or made up stories about her stuffed animals. Through yoga, she was made.

In 2013, Angela received her Hatha – Vinyasa certified teacher training with Karen Russell and knew from then on she would incorporate her teacher training into her daily life for many years to come. She is interested in all forms of awareness, kindness, and energy. Her Hatha and Vinyasa yoga classes focus on mindfulness, transformation, and dedication. You will flow, work, breathe, and play. You set the intentions and we reach them together.