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Alison Manheim - Pilates

Alison Manheim – Pilates

Alison Manheim

Alison Manheim is a classically trained Pilates instructor based in Venice, California. She is passionate about the benefits of Pilates at any life stage. A former professional writer, Alison discovered that Pilates is an excellent antidote to the neck and shoulder issues that come from working at a computer. In 2013, she made the jump to a less sedentary career and was certified by Jill Cassady’s Pilates Technique, Inc. She has since taught Pilates in small boutique studios and a high-end health club, as well as on paddle boards at Mother’s Beach in Marina del Rey. A native New Yorker, she has been a resident of Venice for 20 years and is excited to share the transformative power of Pilates with the Main Street community. When she’s not teaching Pilates, she’s probably taking a yoga or Pilates class, riding a bright green Breeze Bike around the neighborhood with her husband, or reading a good book.